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Fossil versus renewable

The developing science and engineering require more and more energy resources every day. Household appliances, telecommunication and other electronic equipments, heating and cooling or transportation all consume energy. Significant part of the required energy has been produced so far by fossil energy sources like paraffin, gas or coal. Both the method and the measure of the produced energy cause global environmental problems.

We emit carbon-dioxide and other toxic gases in large quantities by burning fossil fuels. These also accelerate global warning, also known as Green house effect. Ice on the poles is melting. Water-level of the oceans is rising so we are losing ground. Sulphur dioxide causes acid rain. Air is polluted by soot and other harmful materials. This is the way to bring about smog. It is also remarkable that we are running out of paraffin, gas and coal.

Nuclear power is a considerable energy resource that is used in about 30 countries over the world. Basically this is environmentally sound but we will never forget about the breakdowns and other nuclear disasters that have a heavy impact on both our environment and our life (e.g. Chernobyl). Deep final repositories that are storages for the used and still emitting radioisotopes indicate additional problem.

We must use other energy resources that have less impact on the environment to prevent any further global harm. Wind power, solar energy, water power, biomass and geothermal energy all could be a good choice. Although these resources are unrestricted we can find their disadvantages. We cannot establish water power plant onto any river. River must comply to certain criterions.

You probably would not be happy if you should live next to a wind farm so that wind plants are located in smooth open country where the produced energy needs to be transferred. This increases the price. Producing of geothermal energy is in its infancy.

The more solar energy we want to produce the larger clusters of solar panels is required. A forest of collectors would not improve the scenery in the middle or around the city. There has no any certain result about the influence of the dead collectors on the green environment yet.